I was born in Chicago and raised in the Northern suburbs. From my earliest days, I wanted to live in the country. In school once in 3rd grade, I was caught drawing the place I wanted to live. My teacher told me to stop wasting my time. I made sure not to get caught anymore.


I graduated from Evanston Township High School in 1982, and worked for several years as a clerk in a large insurance company. I attended Mundelein College for several years, both part-time and full-time.


When my high school sweetheart got a job in California, I moved out to California. I graduated from San Jose State University in the mid-1980s. I spent several years working at various places as a technical writer.


I met my current husband in California. Together, we started a commercial beekeeping business and moved to rural California. We loved beekeeping and our rural lifestyle, but the cost of living, even in rural California, was very high.


Then in 2000, we attended an event at Stillwater Meetinghouse in Barnesville, Ohio. We fell in love. The people were kind and warm and hospitable, the area was absolutely beautiful, and we could afford to buy a house--which was important for our growing family. We had found the place I used to draw when I was a child.

We moved to Belmont county in the summer of 2002. We have been here ever since, raising our five children on our rural property. We brought our beekeeping business with us, though we struggled. Over the years, there were times when we leaned heavily on the generosity of our faith community at Stillwater Meeting of Friends.


In 2008, the recession ended our beekeeping business. My husband has worked as a commercial truck driver since, currently with the oil and gas industry. My primary job has been raising our children, and I have worked part-time in the fast food industry.

We need someone to fight for us. We need someone who has our best interests at heart. We need someone who believes in us, and will move heaven and earth to help us get what we need. District 6 is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has some of the warmest, most generous, most hard-working people on earth. Together, we can make our home better and more prosperous than ever. I believe in you. I know we can do this.

We are grateful to the people here for their generosity of spirit and their kindness in making us welcome here. My name is Shawna Roberts, and I am an ordinary citizen, with hopes and dreams, just like you

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